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Compendium – Canaries  Volume 1 History - Keeping - Diseases - Breeding - Song canaries
After   many   requests   whether   my   Compendium   -   Canaries   is   not   also available   in   English,   I   have   started   to   translate   all   three   volumes.   The well-known   English   breeder,   OMJ   judge   and   book   author   Geoff   Walker has agreed to check my translation. Many thanks for this Geoff! Volume   1   of   the   Compendium   -   Canaries   describes   the   history   of   the canary,   its   anatomy,   gives   valuable   tips   on   keeping,   nutrition,   first   aid   for diseases and for the annual breeding. The   special   section   is   dedicated   to   the   song   canaries   Harzer   Edelroller, Timbrado,    Waterslagers    and    -    new    and    not    included    in    the    German edition - the Slavojar.
ISBN: 9 783 755 700968 Hardcover, glossy laminated, thread binding 276 pages on photographic brilliant paper Over 200 pictures, drawings and graphics, 179 of them colour photos Size 17 x 22 x 3 / 1.200 g This volume is available at a price of € 50.00 in bookshops, online bookshops, from the publisher BoD. Also available as an e-book under ISBN 9 783 756 252541